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A New Audio Player by Mozart-Brain-Lab

In addition to the BRAIN-ACTIVATOR, the Mozart-Brain-Lab team has finally completed the production of a new audio device to play all recordings used in Audio-Psycho-Phonology. This new device, named “MBL APP SYSTEM 501”, was presented to the public at the 4th APP TODAY Congress in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, from 23 to 25 September 2011.

This in-house development became essential when the American Alesis Company stopped the production of the “Masterlink 9600” device, which has been successfully used in Audio-Psycho-Phonology for many years. The “Masterlink 9600” offered a high sound quality with 48 kHz (or even 96 kHz, if needed) and 24 Bit; Moreover it could be used to record the mother’s voice and create 24 Bit CDs of it at the same level of quality.


All features of the “Masterlink 9600” which are important for Audio-Psycho-Phonology are implemented in the new “MBL APP SYSTEM 501”. In addition, the new device offers some more interesting features: For example it is network-compatible, thus it can be accessed from Belgium in case of malfunction; or new pieces for therapy can be added directly.


Below are some of the characteristics of the new machine:


  • 494 musical pieces and diverse audio material for the active training (i.e. all pieces available at Mozart-Brain-Lab) are pre-installed.
  • Free space for up to 500 additional recordings (of 30 minutes each).
  • The number of Playlists is (nearly) unlimited, and many patients’ s programs can be preset.
  • Pieces may be copied via USB2, or even faster, USB3, or using an external hard drive.
  • Own recordings can be quickly transferred both ways using an USB stick or an external hard disc.
  • The possibility to reformat the HD is disabled, eliminating the risk of accidental data loss.
  • No internal CD drive.
  • Any relevant information can be entered in the device, including pictures.
  • The system is fully network-compatible and easy to operate.
  • Updates can be implemented via a network connection.
  • Software problems can be analysed and resolved via network support.
  • Sound processing with 48 kHz and 24 Bit, same as before.
  • Mother’s voice recording same as before; Can be backed-up and stored externally into a USB stick or external hard drive.
  • Four different ways to operate the system:
            -  Touch screen
            -  Buttons on device
            -  USB-mouse
            -  USB keyboard (English/American “QWERTY” keyboard system)