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Several advantages in being a member of the network

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Linking networks! An advantage for therapists trained in the listening therapy as per the Tomatis method.
There are several advantages in being a member of the MBL network:
  • « First hand » information
  • A competent help when questions arise concerning therapy, particularly for complicated cases
  • A help for technical questions
  • Continuous training and congresses at low prices
  • Supply of equipment and its accessories at low cost
Enjoy the advantages of being a member of the network, for a subscription fee of 250!
Since 2010, after succeeding in an exam at the end of the training and after signature of a license contract, graduates become automatically members of the network Mozart-Brain-Lab for a subscription fee of 250 euro.
For more information, you can write to
Members of the network are on this pageHere you will find the list of therapists by country, in Europe, in the United States and in Asia. For each country, the therapists are listed according to postal code/zip of their activity zone.
To visualize these centers in one country, please click left, on the flag, or right on the bleu arrow. To come back to this page, use the “return” button.