How to get to Mozart-Brain-Lab, Sint-Truiden

By plane

There are four airports nearby Sint Truiden:

  • Brussels International Airport (Brussels-Zaventem)  -  (BRU / EBBR)


Arriving at Brussels-Zaventem, the airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level-1). The easiest route is to take a train to Leuven (direction Genk) and change to another train for Sint-Truiden. Travel info and timetable at


Arriving at Charleroi take the bus to Brussels Central Station and then a direct train to Sint-Truiden (one hour ride, hourly). You may have to make your bus reservation online. Please visit


Arriving at Maastrich/Aachen, you’ll need to take a bus (#52 or #59) to Maastrich train station, then a train to Liège. From Liège to Landen, and Landen to Sint-Truiden. For train timetable, visit There may be more options, please do your own research.


Arriving at Liège airport, the #57 bus links the airport to the Liège-Guillemins train station. From there, take a train to Landen and another one to Sint-Truiden. Note: the #57 bus operates every 2 hours from 7 AM to 5 PP on working days only. Other times and week-ends you’ll need to take a taxi to Liège train station or take the bus #53 to Liège city centre (Place Saint-Lambert) where connections to the train station are available with Liège public transport system. For more options, please visit


There may be other options. We recommend that you do your own research online or ask your travel agency to help you.


If you prefer to take a taxi directly from or to the airport, please make your request on your reservation form when booking with us. We have arranged special rates for our customers with a taxi company in Sint Truiden.


By train

Sint-Truiden is located between Brussels and Genk. Trains run both directions every hour. If you are travelling via Aachen with an international line such as ICE, Thalys, etc., we recommend that you take a direct train to Brussels and then a local train to Sint-Truiden. This way you will only have to change trains twice. This itinerary will take the least time compared to others (please see below).

Please note: Brussels has three main train stations (don’t confuse them!), where most international trains stop:

  • Brussels North
  • Brussels Central
  • Brussels Midi / Brussels Zuid


Alternative connections: Arriving in Liège by Thalys/ICE, take one of the following connections:

  • Liège Guillemins > Landen (change), Landen > Sint-Truiden.
  • Liège Palais > Tongeren (change), Tongeren > Sint-Truiden.
  • Liège Palais > Hasselt (change), Hasselt> Sint Truiden.

To figure out the exact timetable, please ask at the train station ticket booth, your travel agent, or visit


By car

Sint-Truiden is located northwards of the Liège-Brussel highway N3 (E 40).

If you are coming from the East (Aachen) on E40 and N3, take Exit #30 (Crisnée). Please note: this part of Belgium belongs to the French-speaking region, road signs will read “Saint-Trond“ or “St. Trond“ instead of “Sint-Truiden“ (Flemish).


Exit #30 leads to a roundabout. At the roundabout, take the first exit (N 614) direction Saint-Trond. After 1 or 2 km there will be a 2nd roundabout: take the third exit (St. Trond, N 3) and continue on to Sint-Truiden. Follow the local road sign “station”. At the train station you may park your car for free behind the bus station.


Driving from Brussels, take Exit #28 (not 28 A!) to N 80, direction Sint-Truiden. Follow the local road sign “station”. At the train station you may park your car for free behind the bus station.


Finding us from Sint-Truiden train station:

Out of Sint-Truiden train station go straight towards the city center. Mozart-Brain-Lab is located at the first right hand corner (# 36 Stationsstraat)


Tip: To get a better idea of our location, take a look at the street view on Google Maps (


We wish you a pleasant journey and are looking forward to seeing you.