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CDs / DVDs / Books

CDs: (10,- Euro each)
Veni, Creátor, Spiritus
Jozef sings a Gregorian Chant. Join him. You will find the Latin lyrics inside of the CD.
Vocal exercises
You already know them from the therapy: Jozef sings the vowels and you follow him. Please don’t forget: Lean your back against a wooden door or wall while practising.


DVD (10,- Euro each)
Jozef explains how to sing the vowels and what kind of benefit your body gets by practising audio-vocal-training.


L’oreille c’est la vie
A TV-documentation in French language about Tomatis' work and practice in Paris. How does the therapy work? You watch, experience and listen to Alfred Tomatis in contact with his patients. An important report for all people with special interests in the subject.


Alfred Tomatis: The ear and the voice (18,- Euro)


Carmela Stillitano: The Tomatis Effect: From Ear to Voice and Colour (a case study, 15,- Euro)


Pierre Sollier: Listening for Wellness. An Introduction to the Tomatis Method (25,- Euro)


A.-M. Vermeulen-Saurel: The Aquamater concept - From one mother to another ... The memory of water