Hearing through the bones

A person can receive acoustic stimuli externally through the air, as well as through his or her bones. Already in the womb, the foetus receives impulses through the mother’s voice, which he perceives as a very high pitched “crackling noise” or “hiss”. The female pelvis acts as a resonance body. Tomatis saw a natural human need in this initially one-sided communication between mother and foetus. According to Tomatis, it is this “maternal monologue” that instils in a human being the desire to communicate and makes him become a social being.
The listening training takes advantage of the ability to receive auditory impulses through the bone. It is done with the Brain Activator (BA) and a special headset. This headset transmits acoustic signals, as usual, directly to the ear. Additionally, it has a “bone sounder” that transmits the sound directly to the cranial bone from where it is directed straight to the inner ear. This form of sound transmission is called bone conduction.