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MBL organizes trainings in Audio-Psycho-Phonology since February 2002: the training in Dutch, French, German and English, takes four weeks followed by practical trainings.



Listening Therapy at MBL

Tomatis Listening Therapy is also conducted at the Mozart Brain Lab. There are around 25 places available. In addition to the quiet room for adults (8 places), there are three listening rooms for children as well as booths for vocal, reading and language exercises. Also, there are two Giger devices and a "therapeutic horse" available to further actively stimulate motor skills and the body's balancing system during listening therapy.


Linking networks! An advantage for therapists trained in the listening therapy as per the Tomatis method.
There are several advantages in being a member of the MBL network:

Book Presentation

"The Brain's Way of Healing", a new book by Norman Doidge
Will the French rediscover the principles of Alfred Tomatis via the North American continent?