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The Improvement of Severe Psychomotor and Neurological Dysfunctions Treated with the Tomatis Audio-Psycho-Phonology Method Measured with EEG Brain Map and Auditory Evoked Potentials


J. Vervoort, J. A. de Voigt, Van den Bergh, MD





 Pioneering research of Tomatis led to the introduction of the Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP), to treat, improve, or remediate severely neurologically impaired individual.



 Here we present for the first time independent data on the APP method with auditory evoked potentials and electroencephalographically based brain mapping.



 The improvement of these 4 patients by undergoing APP treatment is shown in their listening curves as well as in the results of the EEG based brain maps and the auditory evoked potentials.



  1.   APP method seems to be an effective and harmless treatment for patients with severe psychomotor and/or neurological dysfunctions.
  2. Auditory evoked potentials and electroencephalographically based brain mapping seems to be an appropriate examination to demonstrate neurological changes after APP therapy.


Besides the presentation of the four cases, a short overview of the method is presented.


A research study was published in November 2007 in the “Journal of Neurotherapy”. The original copy can be ordered at Mozart-Brain-Lab at a cost of 15,- euro plus mailing expenses (5,80 euro). More information via