Micro-gymnastics for the ear

The Brain Activator (BA) acts as a training device for the ears. It contains two separately adjustable amplifiers which are referred to as channels. They are alternately active. In this way, the training person receives music, his own or his mother’s voice. In one channel, the low frequencies are accentuated, in the other channel, the high frequencies. The switching of channels is done irregularly and is not predictable for the brain. So the BA is constantly working with a kind of surprise. Therefore, the micro-fine muscles of the auditory ossicles are in a permanent state of training between tension and relaxation. This way the inner attention of the listening person is promoted and one is being encouraged to listen consciously.
The listening training teaches a person to pay attention. Thereby, the fundamental attitude towards one’s life is influenced positively. This transformation not only affects the cognitive abilities, but also expresses itself in body posture and mind-set. People who listen are ideally focussed and “upright”.