New research on APP

The Mozart Brain Lab Institute and the Tinnitus Center ( at the European Hospital in Rome are carrying out a research on the effects of the Audio-psycho-phonology method elaborated by Prof. Alfred Tomatis on patients affected by tinnitus and other auditory deficiencies.


  • Representing the Tinnitus Clinic: Prof. Alberto  Eibenstein, expert in ENT and Audiology, lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the Università dell’Aquila
  • Research coordinator: Dr. Alessandra Barbara Fioretti, ENT, expert in Audiology and Phoniatrics, Ph.D. in ENT studies
  • Researcher for the Mozart Brain Lab: Dr. Carmela Stillitano, expert in the Tomatis method, Ph. D. in  Humanities (performing arts)
  • Psychological counselling: Dr. Manuela Cantagallo, cognitive-behavioural psychologist , Mindfulness educator


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