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The effects of APP on a group of 30 stutterers

The present study was carried out in 1976 at the Psychology Department of the University of Potchefstroom.
Apart from the standard Tomatis therapy listening test, other tests were carried out before and after the treatment in order to evaluate the following parameters:
  • the severity of the stutter
  • the average number of obstacles in speaking and reading
  • verbal fluency in speaking and reading
  • the gain of energy at low, middle and high frequencies
  • the subject’s own attitude towards his problem of stuttering
What emerged from a cross examination of the data which resulted from the abovementioned analyses and from the comparison of these results with the curves produced in the listening test is that the listening test could represent a psycho-acoustic test proper; yet again this confirms the theory put forward by Tomatis which held that the improvement of aspects of phonation and behaviour were directly proportional to improvements in auditory characteristics and in listening ability. And all of these observations are totally new to the present literature on stutter.
The treatment has determined important changes in the problematic aspects analyzed:
decrease in the severity of stutter symptoms; decrease in the average number of obstacles; improvement in articulation; increase of energy in the different frequency bands, especially at medium frequencies; a major tolerance on the part of the subjects with regard to their stutter.