The passive phase

During the first, so-called passive phase of the listening training, the person only listens. In general, the person experiences a sound bath of high frequencies. Tomatis used, if possible, a recording of the mother’s voice, which through the “Electronic Ear” (today: Brain Activator) and the use of filters, sounds just the way the unborn child has heard it. If the mother’s voice is not available, music by Mozart, from which a large part of the low frequencies has been filtered out, is used. Additionally, unfiltered Gregorian chants are offered, having a calming effect.
Whether during the passive phase a person returns to the prenatal development phase or not, depends on the training goal of each individual. A listening training must always be adjusted individually and its effectiveness assessed. The passive phase represents a time of inner processing /regeneration and maturing.
When in the passive phase a return to the prenatal development stage has taken place, this period ends with the so-called “acoustic birth”. From a therapeutic point of view, the person concerned once again fulfils the transition from intrauterine hearing in the liquid medium of the womb to the postnatal adaptation to air.