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The three Tomatis Laws

The ear affects the sound quality of the voice. This is the conclusion of the Parisian Ear, Nose and Throat physician Professor Alfred Tomatis (1920 -2001). Two completely different fields of work had prompted him to engage in this subject in depth:
● As early as the 40s of last century, Tomatis recorded the curves of the auditory threshold of workers of the French Air Force (SFECMAS), who had been exposed to extreme noise in the halls of the aircraft maintenance facilities. Besides noticing hearing problems, he also noticed an impairment in the vocal tone and vocal expression.
● Opera singers who came into his practice also complained about vocal problems. They as well were exposed to a high level of noise caused by their own singing or the accompanying orchestra.
Tomatis conducted a series of experiments examining in detail the relationship between voice and hearing. His conclusions were finally confirmed in 1957 by Raoul Housson and were scientifically recognized at the Sorbonne University. He named them “The three Tomatis Laws”.