Information on the formation “Audio-Psycho-Phonology according to Prof. Tomatis” at Mozart-Brain-Lab

Jozef Vervoort, head of the training company Mozart-Brain-Lab, is the only one that was personally assigned by Prof. Tomatis to teach and supervise the “Audio-Psycho-Phonology according to Prof. Tomatis”. Mr. Vervoort also received all books and research documents of Prof. Tomatis with the aim to continue his work in the area of Audio-Psycho-Phonology.

Mozart-Brain-Lab addresses it’s training to physicians, psychologists, therapists and pedagogues. People with other professions may take part in the training, but they will not get a licence. A licence is condition to practice APP and to be allowed to buy all the equipment needed to practice. In particular cases Mozart-Brain-Lab decides on licence allocation.


The whole training comprises two courses, three weeks each, and finds place at Mozart-Brain-Lab in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. These two courses are a combination of theoretical and practical training. At the end of the second course a written examination is held.
After participating in both courses, passing the exam and agreeing in our licence contract and our network contract, you will get your licence. It permits you to practice APP within the field of your professional experience and to buy the required equipment, such as BRAIN ACTIVATOR, audiometer, headphones and so on.
We emphasise, that Tomatis-therapists have made their own experiences with the Tomatis-therapy. Therefore we ask them to have their own therapy before or parallel with their APP-training.